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May 8—10, 2025

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

This year, OFFF Festival featured ‘The Next of Us', a carefully selected exhibit of student works curated by leading schools in Barcelona.

‘The Next of Us' became a platform to showcase students' creations, while offering pitching sessions where they could present themselves in order to enter the professional design scene.



BAU, College of Arts & Design

Selected works:

  • Unai Arruti Benito, Nikita Gorshkov — "Meta"

  • Albert Puig Pujals — "PUNKTUATION

  • Martina Baraona, Bernat Prats, Guillem Pineda, Clara Guma, Marçal Pujades, Helena Ureta, Martina Moran — "Pressió estètica"

Brother Creativity School

Selected works:

  • Alex Porras, Laia Sánchez — "Tengo Nombre"

  • Diego Pacheco, Felipe Rosso Presiónalo — "A Tiempo"

  • Flavio Hugo Vilan — "2 Adeu Ad"


Selected works:

  • Marc López — "neuragest"

  • Lara Fusalba — "Stellar Symphony: An Audiovisual Odyssey"

  • Aina Codina — "Connect with Nature"

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Selected works:

  • Anna Gayete — "Data Mortem"

  • Carlos Álvarez — "Open Arms School"

  • Valeria Castillo — "My iPhone is my Mother"

ESDI Escola Superior de Disseny

Selected works:

  • Pablo Ruiz — "Isolation: between loneliness & solitude"

  • Marta Borrell — "Arxiu 2023: Les 8 cares"

  • Alba Paniello Conde — "¿Por qué te rayas por esto?"

FX Barcelona Film School

Selected works:

  • Gisela Liliana Durbero — "La métamorphose révélée"

  • Isaac Guilà Jornet — "Isaac Reel 2023"

  • ALTA (Albert Muñoz Santiago) — "Show Reel 2024"

IDEP Barcelona. Escola Superior d'Imatge i Disseny

Selected works:

  • Ashtar Alahmad — "Kano 4"

  • Irene Lacasa — "Primavera Labels"

  • Alessandro Iannini Vegas — "Resilient soul"

IED Barcelona – Centre Superior de Disseny

Selected works:

  • Lia Ferreiro — "Todas Musas"

  • Thinh Truong — "Unwoven memories"

  • TAWA (Carla Amat) — "How to become your projects (and survive)"

La Salle - Campus Barcelona

Selected works:

  • Teo Ruffini Maiques — "Home with you"

  • Clara Soler Castells — "Creating characters"

  • Andrea Naharro Nieto — "Digital non places: Ephemeral landscapes between the physical world and the digital realm"

LCI Barcelona Design Fashion and Visual Arts Campus

Selected works:

  • Amadeu del Rio — "Colossus, Salvatore"

  • Ariadna Puigdemasa — "Lifetime"

  • Mauratti Daniela Echenique — "Still Life"



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