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Studio Dumbbar W/Liza Enebeis

OCT 19


10. My Tickets - How do I introduce my ticket ID?

11. Networking - How do I interact with other users?

14. Enable WebGL - How do I enable WebGL on my browser?

15. Update Browser - How do I update my browser?

19. Videos play slow - How do I fix it?

20. The platform runs slow - How do I solve it?



FUTURA SPACE (2.0) is playable on both PC and Mac browsers (in order of preference; Edge, Opera, Firefox and Chrome). Not mobile or Ipads.

If you are using a home-office setup or a domestic laptop, make sure you are not running heavy programs such as image or video editors and please reduce the number of open windows and tabs. If you are using a PC gaming hardware this will not be necessary.

As a gaming platform, it is highly recommended but not mandatory, to use a mouse in order to improve the user experience. Also, having a good graphics card will likely improve WebGL performance on your computer.




1. Enter (Access will be available from May 1st. to May 8th, and will run everyday starting at 12:00 to 21:00 CEST)

2. Press the Fullscreen button.

3. Select language:

Tap in the lower right button and select the language you want to use; Spanish, Catalan or English. 4. Please “Log In” or “Register”:

- Register: if it’s your first time this step is mandatory. - Log in: tap here if you already have a profile registered..

5. Register:

  • Select a username

  • Select a password

  • Type your email for password recovery Accept terms and conditions.

Tap “Register”. Warning

  • Once you register you will not be able to change your username

  • We do not keep or save your password and email. This information goes directly to a Microsoft server. (Read their Terms of Service)

6. Log In: If you already have a profile created

  • Type your username

  • Type your password Tap “Log In”.

7. Choose Server: based on the number of users connected.

All servers are the same, nothing changes. We divide them in servers of 250 users to secure a proper experience without depending on a gamer hardware. If your friends are on a different server you can change servers anytime. If you experience any latency, we suggest you switch to a server with fewer connected users. Any other issues, please check the FAQS report.

8. Profile: fill your profile.

  • Public Profile On the left you'll find a face icon. Tap it to fill in the data you want to share on your public profile. This info will be visible to other users that taps on your avatar.

  • Avatar Customizer Tap the hanger icon to customize your fluid-gender avatar. Choose your outfit, accessories, facial features and skin tone to create your virtual being. Tap “Enter” once you are satisfied with your profile.

9. Tutorial: