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May 8—10, 2025

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

Watch OFFF 2024 Opening Film and Main Titles!🍿

Watch OFFF 2024 Opening Film and Main Titles!🍿

OFFF Opening Film by Studio Mals & Setreset Films

We are proud to present the Opening Film created by Studio Mals and Setreset Films! This film follows the journey of Geoff, a creative individual just like any of us. He struggles with his feelings sometimes. Is there something wrong with him? In a group session with his favourite tools, he finally discovers what has been going on all this time…

OFFF Main Titles by Stuart Langfield

Directed by Stuart Langfield, ‘Synthetic Pleasures’ is a unique take on the robot uprising, imagining a world in which our digital assistants like Siri and Alexa leave the confines of their devices and take some human bodies for a joyride, just to feel something, to be human for a minute.



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