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May 8—10, 2025

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

Discover OFFF 2024 Market participants 🎁

Discover OFFF 2024 Market participants 🎁

Every year, OFFF presents Market, a curated showcase of local and international design stores offering unique items for sale. Discover books, gadgets, clothing, accessories, and more! 🎁

WHERE: Disseny Hub, central indoor area, next to the Roots stage.

OPEN HOURS: OFFF Festival, April 4-6, 11:00 — 21:00.

Spot our OFFF GOODIES stand, featuring a selection of design books, notebooks, and our exclusive custom OFFF bottle crafted by MERCHERY and check out their dedicated service for creatives!




Creative Industries Center is located in the historical center of Chisinau in the courtyard of the Art Academy (AMTAP). The center is set to become a place for developing the environment of creative industries of Moldova.



Automattic is the company behind, WooCommerce,  Tumblr, Jetpack, Pocket Casts, Day One, and more. They believe in making the web a better place and aim to democratize publishing and commerce so that anyone with a story can tell it, and anyone with a product can sell it. They believe in Open Source and the vast majority of our work is available under the GPL. Their space at OFFF is an effort  to connect open source to art and street culture through a series of posters using wild posting – bringing our creed to life.



Camila García is the local brand of the Chilean artist and designer based in Barcelona. Her vibrant and playful style is characterized by a mix of contemporary languages full of color, geometry, and organic shapes with folk vibes. In her store, you can find illustrated prints, original tapestries, accessories and everyday life complements such as scarves, handmade bags, and glasses holders.



Chandal is a pioneering concept store in Barcelona where you will find the best selection of objects for modern life, catering to individuals from 0 to 99 years old. They emphasize the importance of design, quality, and ethics in the production of our objects, ensuring they have a story to tell. Analog photography is integral to their identity, offering everything you need for instant and analog photography. Additionally, they provide a curated selection of independent and hard-to-find publications specialized in design.



Fail Fast is a digital experience studio based in Barcelona that thrives on pushing boundaries. By playing with the unknown, testing new concepts and designing for the future, they proudly embrace the mantra of failing fast without fear of learning over again.

This year at the OFFF market, they will be presenting their project 'Fracaso', a series of talks on design, innovation, and creativity from the perspective of failure. Visit their stand to explore potential synergies and collaboration opportunities. Are you bold enough to share your biggest failure?



Grain is a clothing brand based in Barcelona, designed by Anna Villarroya, who enjoys experimenting with formats and techniques regularly. The brand stands out for its vibrant colors, prints, and summery aesthetic, with t-shirts featuring playful phrases. Produced in a small family atelier, Grain emphasizes sustainability by using organic cotton and incorporating upcycled and second-hand clothing in recent seasons.



ILLU is a unique online illustration marketplace, uniting exceptional artists for creative businesses. Their carefully curated galleries feature original, diverse illustrations tailored for professional use. Unlike regular stock platforms, we prioritize seamless integration with brands, offering adaptive color palettes and compositions. ILLU is more than a marketplace; it’s a thriving community for illustrators.



Hey Shop by Hey creative studio. Geometrical, colourful, typographical and bold designs and illustrations are brought to posters, tote bags, books and clothes.



LĀU Clothing, a top Italian women's brand since 2011, merges a love for geometry and art to create a unique, recognizable style. With bold colors and oversized silhouettes, their collections blend comfort with sporty elegance. Collaborating with international artists, they offer limited editions to keep audience engaged. Founded by Lisa Anderlini, an architect with a passion for design and mathematics, LĀU Clothing draws inspiration from travels and dreams, embodying strength, elegance, and spirit in timeless realities.



Miscelanea is a gallery, agency, and shop specializing in emerging art and graphic work. Since 2005, its main objective has always been to make visible and support local and international independent culture. Projects by young artists who are currently international benchmarks have passed through its gallery. Through the agency, they create and develop exhibitions and events for other entities, spaces, and festivals, while also offering advice on interior design projects. In its store, you can find a careful selection of unique works and limited editions from more than 100 artists, independent publications, and exclusive objects.



Monotype brings brands to life through type and technology that consumers engage with every day. The company's rich legacy includes a library that can be traced back hundreds of years, featuring famed typefaces like Helvetica, Futura, Times New Roman and more. Monotype also provides a first-of-its-kind service that makes fonts more accessible for creative professionals to discover, license, and use in our increasingly digital world. They work with the biggest global brands, and with individual creatives, offering a wide set of solutions that make it easier for them to do what they do best: design beautiful brand experiences.



Fabien Barral, alias Mr. Cup, is a French graphic designer whose designs attract clients from around the world. He runs the “graphic-exchange” blog, a popular online venue for creatives. Passionate about creation and the inspiration process, he creates beautiful limited edition useful objects like a letterpress calendar, playing cards, posters or books which combine his love for nice print, type and ornaments.



OMG BCN is the first concept store dedicated to Barcelona design. In our stores you will find decorative objects, gifts, illustrations, clothing and accessories from the best designers in our city.



Pacific and Co. is a brand of creative and sporty socks founded in Barcelona in 2013. It emerged from the desire to inject color and expression into the often overlooked garment: socks. The brand collaborates with artists to create exclusive designs and prioritizes locally made, ethically produced socks that are both comfortable and of high quality.



PeBe is the artistic name of Pablo Benito, a Barcelona-born graphic designer. His vision of design is very focused on color, geometry and illustration. In 2014 he decided to set up his own studio. Pablo combines his work in the studio with the project that has had more recognition so far, the PeBe Store illustrations. In recent years, he has held several exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Ibiza.



SOOT is a creative technology company based in New York City. SOOT is redefining the concept of the filesystem by introducing spatial organization, inspired by the self-organizing principles of nature. SOOT provides a canvas for users to view all their ideas in a single, interconnected space where they can express their unique identity and style. SOOT eliminates the tedious need to search through folders and subfolders into an experience of exploration and discovery. SOOT will be attending the OFFF Market to connect with likeminded people and showcase the latest iteration of the tool, swing by and say hi!



Triggers is a coaching company dedicated to helping teams bring out their maximum creative expression. They create collaborative tools and methodologies for collective work. They help teams to design their own work processes, the collaboration dynamics that best suit them and to implement exercises and tools that make their ideation moments a catalyst for talent.



Over the last few decades, the typeface market has evolved into an exclusively digital form. Despite this transformation, Zetafonts expresses its passion for tactile experiences by creating exclusive products inspired by typography. From the usual "surprise font" boxes (with random licenses of the most well-known font families) to typographic books and decor items, Zetafonts aims to seize opportunities to connect with inspiring people through TypeCampus-branded projects and promote the circulation of ideas. Zetafonts is an independent type foundry based in the heart of Florence (Italy), established in 2001 by Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini.



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