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May 8—10, 2025

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

Thank you for an epic OFFF 2024 edition! 💥

Thank you for an epic OFFF 2024 edition! 💥

The 24th edition of OFFF Barcelona welcomed 5,000 guests from 85 countries! Packed with 100+ amazing speakers from all corners of the globe, workshops, masterclasses, live painting sessions, and mind-blowing audiovisual performances.

This journey was accompanied by Adobe presenting cutting-edge innovation through a series of masterclasses, live sessions, portfolio reviews, and expert talks. Houdini offered a record number of free talks by industry pros, sharing invaluable tips from their creative processes.

Loads of workshops were on offer, from Wix Studio helping to manifest creative identity with digital tools to Fail Fast diving into empathy-building for social causes. MAXON got hands-on with the latest program features, while Monotype delved into the artistic side of typeface design with a calligraphy workshop.

The OFFF Market was buzzing with activity, featuring booths by Automattic, Monotype, Zetafonts, Fail Fast, and SOOTMerchery added a special touch with custom OFFF bottles. Guests soaked up the energy from Barcelona's sun, enjoying gastronomic delights accompanied by Moritz.

Big shoutouts to our Partners: Montana Colors for powering the collective mural at the Roots stage, Rob Draper’s collage workshop, and Mireia Ruiz’s outdoor mural painting. TEXIA produced the best OFFF welcome bags, Nea water kept everyone hydrated, DICE brought intellectual fuel, and Mirador Torre Glòries offered special admission to its impressive observation deck.

OFFF caught the eye and ear of many thanks to our Media Partners who spread the word and landed amazing interviews with OFFF's creative voices: Blackbot, CC/Magazine, Creative Bloq, Mercado, Nomad Magazine, OCIMAG, PRINT Magazine, Stash Magazine.

SAVE THE DATE: OFFF 2025 is set for May 8-10! 

Keep an eye out because Early Bird tickets will be on sale very soon!



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