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April 4—6, 2024

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

On July 10, in collaboration with the General Direction of Innovation and Digital Culture, we hosted ¨"Passem Pantalla", an event dedicated to video game ecosystem in Catalonia 👾

The event took place within the framework of Digital Impact at Disseny Hub Barcelona and presented important advances in the video game industry. The event represented an important step in the consolidation of the video gram sector in Catalonia, showing the determination of the public administration to support its continued growth and position the region as a leading reference in the digital entertainment industry 🚀

📸: Arnau Pascual

Congratulation for the tremendous work being done to accelerate the strategic positioning of the video game industry in the region, and a special thanks to Marisol López, Natàlia Garriga (Cultura. Generalitat de Catalunya), the team of Cultura Digital for trusting us to host this milestone occasion and to Vasava for creating the visual identity of the event 🎯


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