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May 8—10, 2025

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

OFFFTLV celebrated its 4th edition in September 2022

OFFFTLV celebrated its 4th edition in September 2022

On September 18-19, OFFFTLV celebrated its 4th edition in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art!

2 days, 25+ international speakers from all around the world, 1400+ creative minds gathered together, workshops, drinks&mingle and incredible OFFF vibes as we know it✨

Here is a video recap!

Within a two-day conference journey, OFFFTLV hosted the most innovative creators: Buaugasm / Tina Touli / Awesome Studio / Adoratio Studio / Simply Sing / Vincent Schwenk / Ouchhh / Pj Richardson (Laundry Studio) / BUCK / Anagrama. As well as summer vibes, delicious food & cocktails and, of course, loads of inspiration and knowledge!

OFFF Tel Aviv Main Titles were crafted by the talented Baugasm (Vasjen Katro). Vasjen created a celebration of color, typography and playful composition to present the lineup of OFFF Tel Aviv 2022 in his unique yet very distinctive way. Feel free to pause at any frame - it will be the perfect poster!

See you in 2023!



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