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May 8—10, 2025

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

OFFF showcased digital art at Integrated Systems Europe 👀

OFFF showcased digital art at Integrated Systems Europe 👀

OFFF participated in Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) at Fira de Barcelona Gran Vía, the world’s leading audiovisual and systems integration exhibition. With 73,000+ visitors from 162 countries, it showcased cutting-edge solutions in the sector.

Pep Salazar, CEO of OFFF, delivered a talk on digital creativity, exploring its multidisciplinary nature and the current trends in digital art. This was followed by a fireside chat featuring NOA, an AI conversational avatar developed by LOWKEYMOVES.

Our "SOLSTICI" audiovisual exhibition, housed at the Barcelona City Council's booth, presented winter solstice interpretations through the lens of digital art. 

  • '23.5º' by Bernard Arce explored the seasons and how our customs are influenced by the earth's inclination angle of 23.5º.

  • 'Sol Quiet' by Dedo Ciego presented a seven-act opera mirroring the earth's orbit and the sun's rhythm.

  • 'Inside Seasons' by FOREAL captured the sun's cycle indoors and in nature.

  • 'Cant del Solstici' by MariaDiamantes celebrated birdsong, heralding spring's arrival.

Thanks to Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Activa for the opportunity to showcase OFFF and digital art.

See you next year!



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