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May 8—10, 2025

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

OFFF Sevilla celebrated its 5th edition in December 2022

OFFF Sevilla celebrated its 5th edition in December 2022

On December 1-4, OFFF Sevilla opened its doors for the 5th time, this year celebrated at an astonishing location, the Real Fábrica de Artillería 👑

Inspired by the festival's slogan – MADE FOR THE CURIOUS – this edition became a meeting point for curious minds who are willing to connect, grow and learn together.

The official posters of this edition were inspired by the slogan and created by Estado Latente and Daniel Diosdado.A starting question for Estado Latente concept was “What has curiosity meant for human beings throughout history?”. The posters were created with the help of five different AI generators ✨ Daniel Diosdado presented curiosity as a vital element of the creative process 🙌

The festival hosted workshops on NFT, typography in motion, co-creation with AI, and sonification of movement ❤️‍🔥 At OFFF Sevilla Pro area, 5 invited international speakers — STATE / Natasha Jen (Pentagram) / FOREAL / Neil Mendoza / Josué Ibañez — shared their experience within 1:1 meetings

The line-up gathered together local and international creatives. We enjoyed stage talks by From Form / Estado Latente / FOREAL / Natasha Jen (Pentagram) / Neil Mendoza / Alex Trochut / Josue Ibañez / Hvass&Hannibal / STATE.

Following the established tradition, the festival hosted a new edition of Ladies, Wine&Design Sevilla with brilliant Spanish artists Silvia Fferpal / Palo Graglia / Maria Melero.

The epic Main Titles of this edition were created by Pj Richardson (LAUNDRY Studio) straight from LA!

And of course, we didn't forget to have fun with DJ sets, sound sessions and audiovisual performances 🪐

See you in 2023!



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