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April 4—6, 2024

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

This is for you, and for all the choices that you make.

There’s not a year with OFFF with no surprise: In the past few months we have been investing hours, days and sleepless nights into a memorable gift to show you our gratitude. We have decided that this is no longer about OFFF 20th anniversary, this is about a worldwide pandemic beyond our hands. It’s about how we are getting through it.

That is why we have decided to release the 20th anniversary book with all its contents in our next edition and work on a brand new project, 100% self-published, to give away to all OFFF Barcelona 2020 ticket holders.

We wanted to give you a true gift and work on a showcase of how every single person in this world have got through this crazy virus situation and hopefully bring you light in your life by reading and seeing this book in your hands.

“The Choices We Make” by OFFF founder Hector Ayuso and OFFF Communications Director Nathalie Koutia is dedicated to all the healthcare staff and people who got affected by the pandemic, to our family, to our friends, to our artists and to you.

“The Choices We Make” is a showcase of how over 100 talented souls have confronted the COVID-19 crisis such as James Victore, Jessica Walsh from &Walsh, Jean Jullien, Paula Scher, Annie Atkins, David Carson, Saam Gabbay, Gemma O’Brien, Beeple, Vasava, Anthony Burrill, Timothy Goodman, Ars Thanea, Vallee Duhamel, Mr. Bingo, The Mill, Max Siedentopf, Lo Siento, Zipeng Zhu, Dan Mace, Gmunk, Usted among many others…

The book is created, designed and conceptualised by OFFF founder Hector Ayuso and OFFF Communications Director Nathalie Koutia. Self-Published and distributed by OFFF.

We only printed 4.000 copies to ship free of charge to all our tickets holders from OFFF Barcelona 2020, to our lovely friends, speakers, partners, media and OFFF Family. This is our gift to you!

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