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April 4—6, 2024

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

Digital Impact is a unique art and design experience bridging the physical and virtual worlds that features installations, sculptures, and interactive experiences that showcase the transformative power of digital technology✨

The exhibition spreads across 4000 m2 and discovers different languages of digital art: from Data Visualization and Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence and Generative art. It invites the visitors to reflect on the impact of digital technology on our lives and the world around us.

Featuring 16 international and local artists, with such names as Refik Anadol / Random International / Domestic Data Streamers / FIELD.IO / Universal Everything / Joëlle Snaith, the exhibition is hosted in the the scenic space that is an artwork by itself, created by Antoni Arola representing a city full of domes that bring the intimacy to enjoy the artworks.

The project was officially inaugurated by Mireia Escobar, director of Disseny Hub, and Pep Salazar, director of Digital Impact and OFFF Festival, the promoter of the project. We’ve had a pleasure to welcome Ada Colau, Natàlia Garriga, Marisol López Vicente and Jose Luis de Vicente on a welcome ceremony.

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate the opening with us! The exhibition will be open at Disseny Hub until the end of August with dozens of activities and special events. See you there!


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