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May 8—10, 2025

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

Gavin Strange & Signalnoise are back

Gavin Strange & Signalnoise are back

Hustlemania 2021 is back with another show!

Back in 2018, Designers and Digital Artists Gavin Strange (JamFactory) & James White (Signalnoise) have organised one hell of a show on OFFF Barcelona stage featuring special appearances by Joshua Davis & Jessica Hische disguised as rockstar wrestlers.

The show included a two hour talk by James and Gavin, sharing their lifetime stories while inspiring our attendees with their work and how they deal with the design process.

For our 20th anniversary, Gavin and James will be back with Hustlemania version two, but this time with something completely new, so get ready for surprises - full of color, laughs, creativity, and rock n’ roll!


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