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April 4—6, 2024

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale


In a COVID-19 free world, you would be back home after a crazy trip in Barcelona, enjoying the memories & the things you brought back in Zetafonts' #OFFF2020 Swag Bag.

We cannot do much for the memories, but Zetafonts can at least offer you a download link to the Zetafonts virtual swag bag including the 2020 Type Trends Look Book, a 144-page book about this year’s typographic trends!

The link also includes:

  • Their Quarantype collection of 10 incredible free typefaces created by their team in quarantine to spread good design karma!

the Zetafonts free font collection, over a hundred samples from Zetafonts catalogue

Enjoy their gift and share your best #OFFF2020 thoughts!

DOWNLOAD the virtual Offf2020 Swag Bag by Zetafonts

ABOUT Zetafonts: Instagram Behance Zetafonts Type Club

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