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May 8—10, 2025

Disseny Hub Barcelona

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Creative Mentorship 2020/2021 Winners

Creative Mentorship 2020/2021 Winners

Congratulations to those who applied and to the six lucky winners!

OFFF Academy, your new after school playground, has launched the second round and 2020/2021 edition of the Creative Mentorship supported by Adobe, aimed to empower talented individuals to help you take a big step forward and discover their creative superpowers.

The goal is to connect younger talents under the age of 30 from around all Europe with their professional Mentor by providing six unique creative mentorships with studio visits and a 7-month program with professional mentors.

After a judging period, we're happy to announce the six new mentees from each category! Congratulations to all six lucky winners and to those who took the courage to apply.

Toni Aranda Skill → 3D Mentor → Boldtron

Anne Krieger Skill → Art Direction Mentor → Studio Dumbar

Cal Lomax Skill → Motion Mentor → Tendril

Keana Sy Skill → Video Mentor → Imaginary Forces

Catarina Marques Skill → Photography Mentor → Paloma Rincón

Audrey Kadjar Skill → Interaction Design Mentor → Anton and Irene

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