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May 8—10, 2025

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

Together with Wix Playground we are excited to announce the winners of the second edition of “On the Rise” project-based competition for designers and emerging creative professionals.

Together we’re honoured to give young designers a stage to showcase their work and gain some well-deserved recognition from the international creative community. This year, our focus was on projects dedicated to social good — projects that benefit the general public and are about changing the world for the better.

We've received multiple submissions from around the world during the open call and are very thankful to everyone who took part.

Meet the winners!

  • Illustration category judged by Eva Cremers – Luka van Diepen

  • Web Design category judged by Graeme McGowan (Jamhot) – Ana Holschuh Heras + Matias Campa

  • 3D&Motion category judged by Rizon Parein – Mickaël Mehala

  • Graphic Design category judged by Studio Baillat – Illia Dolbniev (O–PLICH–®)

Prizes included:

  • 3 days in Barcelona with free travel & accommodation

  • All-access 3-day pass to OFFF Barcelona Festival 2023

  • Showcasing a winning project on the main stage in front of an international audience

  • A 1:1 mentoring session with the judges




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