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160 €

APR 30, 2021





Expressive Letters with Josh Monk

Expressive Letters with Josh Monk

Welcome to the world of lettering! In this workshop, you will learn different lettering concepts including traditional techniques and using perspective and shadow to create your own hand-lettered piece. This piece will be part of a collaborative artwork created by your fellow participants. All lead by sign painter Josh Monk.

From learning the process of sketching, adding perspective & shadow effects, painting and working on the final lettering piece while learning about brush techniques, paint preparation and some other sign painting tricks and tips to make painting easier.


  • A4 Sheet of Dot paper or Graph paper cut into 20cm square (the grids really help you build the structure of your letter a lot easier)

  • A Substrate like CARD (brown card works well as a nice neutral tone/background colour)

  • Or PLYWOOD also cut into a 20cm square (if using plywood it will need to be sealed prior to the workshop with a preferably quick dry, water based varnish/clear sealer to prevent the paint from bleeding into the wood You can alternatively paint your plywood with any background colour you prefer)

  • Pencil

  • Rubber (eraser)

  • Ruler

  • Compass

  • Charcoal (for tracing and transferring your letter on to wood or a light coloured surface)

  • White Chalk (if transferring your letter on to a dark surface)

  • Or Tracing paper (if transferring to card)

  • Paint Brushes

  • Small flat 'Chisel edged' paint brushes (10mm and under) and some small pointed brushes if you would like to do any outlines

  • Paint....Artist acrylic is fine, or you can even use house paint/emulsion if you have some nice colours left over. House paint tester pots will work well too and are cheap to buy.

  • Paint Pallette (you can also use an old plate)

  • This workshop is suitable for beginners seeking a fun and experimental project in lettering as well as intermediate participants.

Personal note from Josh:

Here is a list of materials for the workshop. I've tried to give a couple of options to make it easier for you in case you can't get hold of certain things.

As I go along in the workshop I will explain other extra options if you would like to develop things further in your own time (e.g scanning their drawing in and enlarging it to make a bigger piece).

Join for a new type of OFFF Barcelona experience — 6 days of online workshops, conferences, and more.

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