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APR 28, 2021





Cookie Studio: Pitching Ideas in the Motion Graphics industry

Cookie Studio: Pitching Ideas in the Motion Graphics industry

One main part of our job as Motion Designer is to pitch our ideas to the team or to clients.

But over 20 years in the industry, London based animation studio Cookie Studio came across with only a few people that do it well, and it made them want to understand it better.

As a Creative Director of Cookie Studio, founder Thiago Maia's job is to pitch ideas to clients and make sure they win the job, using many tricks that he learned over the years to help him get the perfect pitch in front of the client.

In this workshop, Thiago will share his process from beginning to the end using real examples from Cookie Studio.

You will work in class using a real briefing to discuss the process and how to create a winning pitch deck.


  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator

  • Idea from the briefing

Note from Thiago Maia (Cookie Studio founder):

We are moving the workshop online, but I want to assure everyone that we will keep the same experience.

I have been adapting the workshop to make it work online. The main change is that I am swapping some work we would be doing in class for more content as the exercises would be strange without real interaction.

We will keep questions and chatting throughout the workshop to give everyone the experience and knowledge that I want everyone to have in the end.

Any questions, I am here to help.


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