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April 4—6, 2024

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

'Production Level Motion Design in Houdini' by ManvsMachine

'Production Level Motion Design in Houdini' by ManvsMachine

Apr 4, 2024





200€ + VAT



“Production Level Motion Design in Houdini” by ManvsMachine

What to expect?

An interactive workshop where you’ll experience what it feels like the first day on a Houdini job at ManvsMachine. In this session, you’ll work on a mini design brief, outlining a select number of 'shots' (2-3) for exploration. The workshop will be equipped with a solid starter Houdini scene such as camera setups, geo, flip book animations, and previs components.

Following a brief introduction, you’ll be invited to run for a bit with ManvsMachine three experienced Technical Directors (TDs) dispersed to provide personalized 1-to-1 coaching.

As the workshop unfolds, occasional pauses will be made to showcase advanced developments crafted by ManvsMachine artists, offering insights into the challenges of taking a shot through to final delivery. This process will be repeated for additional shots, time permitting, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of MvsM's project approach.

Towards the culmination of the session, the workshop hosts will gather the flip books to curate a mini edit—a visual testament to the collective accomplishments achieved during the workshop.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the creative process, learn from industry experts, and emerge with a newfound understanding of how we tackle projects at MvsM.


Remi Dessignes, Head of 3D 

Nick Taylor, Head of 3D 

Tim Bolland, Design Director

What to bring?

A laptop with H20 installed and experience of working with Houdini.


4 hours


Only 20 seats available.


Disseny Hub Barcelona, Anexo.


Thursday, April 4, 10:30 – 14:30 (4 hours).


Tickets on sale at

*Please note that the workshop ticket does not grant access to the festival program, and vice versa. To be able to attend OFFF program, please book the separate ticket.

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