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April 4—6, 2024

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale



Turn EP is a collaborative work by OFFF Festival, I am Dive and Matsu; a split EP featuring two original tracks by the bands with artwork by Héctor Ayuso and photography by David Kirscher, released by WeAreWolves Records x Rough Trade Distribution on March 22, 2023. 

The tracks, “Far Gone” and “Otherness” approach the subject of mental health in Arts and delve into the landscapes surrounding the struggle, resilience, frustration and hope of happiness and self realization through Music in these trying times for independent forms of Art. 


I am Dive are José A. Pérez and Esteban Ruiz, two folks from Seville, Spain, who got together and started making Music –dance music for sad people, someone said– back in late 2010. Since then, they have released four LPs, nine EPs and a decent bunch of singles, remixes and collaborations; they founded their own record label, WeAreWolves Records, and have performed over three hundred shows to date -counting tours in The US, The UK, China, Canada and Japan among them, and concerts in Spain, France, Iceland, Korea, Sweden or Ukraine, just to mention a few… 


I am Dive can hardly be compared to any band you have heard recently. You can find hints that lead you to Boards Of Canada, The Album Leaf or Sigur Rós, tangled in sober, deep melodies that take you to grounds where Mark Kozelek, Neil Young, José González or Father John Misty would feel cozy in, wrapped in powerful guitars, synths and beats that make them deliver really big songs. Every influence you find, opens the path to its perfect complementary opposite. I am Dive just made it to their very own sound and keep growing and shaping it with every record.



Matsu are Miguel Membrilla and Kiko Pérez, two musicians based in Granada, Spain. Right when the global pandemic crawled all over what we though we knew about the World, Matsu released their first album. It was March, 2020, and the band delivered one of the most impressive debut albums ever released in Spain: ‘Nosotros’. The record was an impecable exercise of utterly elegant neoclassical, electronic music inspired by artists like  Kiasmos, Ben Lukas Boysen, Christian Löffler or Nils Frahm, and was swiftly followed by ‘RMX’ (a remix album) and now continued by ‘Oscilación’, a new record we have started to discover with several advances, already available everywhere via WeAreWolves Records x Rough Trade Distribution. The new album by Matsu explore the eternity of motion, stillness and movement as states of being and motion in time and space, equivalently factoring silence and sound to the listening experience, enticing us into their sonic language.

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