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May 8—10, 2025

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

OFFF at Sónar+D 2024 🎙️

OFFF at Sónar+D 2024 🎙️

Last week, OFFF took part in the Sónar+D profesional program within the “Curating the Curators” forum to discuss and explore what makes a good conference programme into a great one.

Crafting the program involves extensive research, observing and understanding the current trends in various fields — a process that is not often seen, understood, and recognized.

The panel featured Pep Salazar (OFFF), Hildreth England (The Conference), Ida Faldbakken (Katapult Future Fest), Juliette Josse & Laurent Bigarella (European Lab), Simone Ross (TED Conferences) and Zuraida Buter (A MAZE.). Moderated by Antonia Folguera (Sónar+D).

Big thanks to Sónar+D for having us and for everyone who joined the talk!



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