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April 4—6, 2024

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale

Matsu, the group formed by Miguel Membrilla and Francisco Pérez premieres "INERCIA", their new videoclip created by Héctor Ayuso, artistic director of OFFF.

Héctor about the creative process behind:

"I had an idea already in my head for a while, so one day I lay down on the sofa, with my headphones on, and listened to "INERCIA" for several hours, trying to mentally record everything that appeared naturally in my visual imagination, at the same time as I was constructing the “edit” in my head. It was only when I had everything clear that I sat down at the computer to compose the video."

Press play and let yourself go! 🎶


  • Official video of 'Inercia', from the album 'Oscilación' by Matsu

  • WeAreWolves Records, 2023

  • Director/Producer/Editor: Héctor Ayuso


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