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April 4—6, 2024

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale


Vallée Duhamel is a directors’ duo Julien Vallée and Eve Duhame, who create exciting and unexpected work that twists reality through visual storytelling.

Before they met, Julien Vallée was a graphic designer and Eve Duhamel was a visual artist, but something brought them together: the willingness to manifest their ideas into physical spaces. The studio specializes in high-quality lo-fi videos, visuals, and installations, favouring a playful and experimental approach toward work. Twisting realities and objects of our everyday lives, they create surreal situations that will for sure get you out of the common approach to life.

For OFFF 2024, Vallée Duhamel will create a bespoke video artwork dedicated to the festival and its attendees.

They will also take part in the panel on Friday, April 5 at AND stage:
Marko Pfann, a creative mind coach, author, and the host of "UNFOLDING: A Creative Podcast," is set to curate an insightful panel featuring four distinguished guests. Among them are two luminaries in the field—Joshua Davis and BUCK—alongside two rising stars, Stephy Fung and Vallée Duhamel. Together, they will share invaluable insights on navigating the industry and paving the way in the industry.

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Friday, April 5


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