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April 4—6, 2024

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Tickets on sale


MA+ Group curates world leading talent to create inspiring brand engagements.

With 20+ years experience, MA+ Group supports and drives creative initiatives for cultural and commercial clients via two divisions:

MA+ Creative is a new type of creative agency offering bespoke teams of world class specialists to produce everything from individual campaigns and activations to transformative 360 brand agendas. They specialize in creating experiences, content and communications for clients in the luxury lifestyle, fashion, and beauty spaces. Their diverse roster and cultural engagements enables us to be uniquely agile, scalable, and responsive to our clients' needs.

MA+ Talent (formerly known as Management + Artists) is an international team of agents and producers that represent and foster the careers of the highest calibre talent from photography, styling, and beauty to illustration, animation, and sound design. They regularly expand on our vast network of collaborators to meet the needs of any given project, while our full in-house production services seamlessly bring creative to life.

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Saturday, April 6


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